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IMG_2346Yoga is a practice of self transformation, but in that process of transforming self, inevitably we begin to see and crave ways to help the community around us as well. I am a great example of this amazing change of heart, being a natural introvert and mostly enjoying my own company, I have come to truly enjoy and am energized by sharing the practice of yoga with just about anyone I come in contact with.

Good thing I teach Iyengar Yoga too! Because no matter what age or what ails you, an Iyengar Yoga Teacher can tailor a class for you. So many of my colleagues take time and effort to get out to their communities or open their spaces to those populations not usually thought of for yoga: homeless shelters, at-risk girls homes, veteran’s hospitals, and schools for special needs kids, just to name a few.

The physical practice is just the doorway to healing the mind and emotions on a much deeper level and empowers the individual with tools to help themselves in their everyday existence, no matter what that looks like.

Community is also built in celebration! This Thursday we will celebrate International Women’s Day and for that we will offer up open classes at SBG Whitefish and Kalispell at 5:30pm by donation to the Abbie Shelter. There is no better opportunity to both care for yourself while caring for others than an open yoga class for all levels and abilities! These types of Community Events are offered throughout the year for various celebrations.

But even when there is not celebration to be had or opportunities already available in your area for classes, there is always a way to find community through yoga.  The Iyengar Association of the Northwest feeds Montana and some of our neighbor states with activities and community events. And to feed your practice and teaching from all around the nation, but also from the source of our method, the Iyengar Institute itself, you can also join the community at IYNAUS.

Plug in and connect! You might be surprised what you find within your self and the community beyond!!


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