My Heart of Yoga

It has been over a year since I have walked in to this beautiful space in Ann Arbor, MI and over 2 years since I have been to one of the teacher intensives with Laurie Blakeney and seen some of my oldest friends and colleagues in the Midwest. When I moved to Montana, it made it increasingly difficult to study with my teachers and I have struggled a bit with that distance and the inability to fully feed the hungry student that lies within the heart of my practice. I am daily on my mat, and I have never had less than a 90min commute to a yoga class, but this is getting ridiculous.


The moment I sit on a mat in this school of the subject that is love and life for me, in front of a teacher I have had for almost 20 years, and with friends I have had for at least 10, there are no words to describe my gratitude, relief, and openness to absorb and take in all that is offered.  I am in awe of the years of progress and passion and discipline and joy that come together in meetings like this. We gather for ourselves and our students as we progress in our own practice but also our teaching.

Post intensive, I have stayed on with a friend from Chicago to take on some long practice times and study opportunities as we strive forward to our next level of assessment. This is always an exciting adventure and a challenging one. The result of all our study and preparation can never be predicted, but yoga is a path of action and all that we can do is practice. The result is to be let go of and in the end we have always learned something.

My heart soars in this learning and exploring and sharing of the subject of yoga. This is my purpose now with you, yogis of the Flathead Valley, to share my love of this practice and hope to instill and inspire the same love within your heart for yoga.

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