Ready to Roll


This handy book has been my constant companion for quite some time. And each year of a possible assessment it becomes a permanent fixture in my backpack and study space. So, I have officially applied for 2018 assessment at the Junior 3 level and I am ready to get rolling into the focus and intensity that that entails for the next few months.

During this time with my teacher, we have been discussing some of the changes that have come up in recent years. Since Guruji, BKS Iyengar, passed away there has been a constant question for our world-wide community as to how to pass on the lineage in a way that honors our tradition and also grows as BKS Iyengar himself grew with each passing year of his own practice and teaching.

The Certification Manual is the most comprehensive form of study and progress through Iyengar Yoga that could possibly be printed in one place. It is poured over and read and reread and revised year after year in order to better inform and implement our process of certification. It amazes me the amount of work and hours and dedication (all volunteer) that it takes for this process to even happen and I do think we all are trying our best to honor this legacy that is so strong and powerful and effective in the growth and transformation of the practitioner.

On an assessment year I continually waffle between excitement and apprehension. It is always an amazing time of study and growth, but of course it can be nerve-wracking to know the test weekend looms in the near future. My nerves of course are personal…am I good enough, clear enough, know enough, etc…But also I am very aware of the obligation and responsibility that I have to best represent this AMAZING tradition and lineage.

But I am also excited! The demonstrated practice is an amazing time to share my practice with other dedicated practitioners. This time, the written exam is take-home so we are able to expound on the philosophy and sequencing that we have been learning thus far, and the teaching class is just another opportunity to touch students in a new way with this practice of yoga I love so much.

Whatever happens after that may be out of my hands…the Bhagavad Gita reminds us to act without craving for or expecting certain results…even to detach from those results no matter what.  So I will continue on my efforts, my actions, my journey … and roll on through assessment season doing the best I can.



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