Faith and Fight!

Wrapping up the Gita, is truly a wrap-up of the whole book. It is also a good time to go and read the “Three Gunas” Blog if you have not already. The last Chapters refer mostly to our ability or inability to discern the working of the gunas within ourselves on every level and a description/clarification of what the results of being on the path of yoga might be.

Chapters 15 and 16 remind us to be devoted to the path toward the Infinite Being within – that “Part of myself (Krishna) which is the God within every creature…Yogis who have gained tranquility through the practice of spiritual disciplines, behold (The Infinite Being) in their own consciousness. But those who lack tranquility and discernment will not find him, even though they may try hard to do so.” Depending on how well our discernment is going, we may find ourselves with an experience of divinity or demonic expression. Divine action leads us to freedom and compassion and demonic action leads to bondage and pride, “anxiety binds them with a hundred chains, delivering them over to lust and wrath…ceaselessly busy piling up dishonest gains to satisfy their cravings.”

Chapter 17 describes 3 kinds of faith that are tied to the temperament of the individual which is tied to the prevalent energetic gunas. “A man consists of the faith that is in him. Whatever his faith is, he is.” Faith in God, money, Ego, Pride, etc…is exactly where that faith will lead, so be clear…where does your faith lie ??

The last and final Chapter of the Gita also uses the gunas to describe every action and its effects. It is also the reminder that we must in the end give up all the fruits of our action. Just act,  as “No human can give up action all together, but he who gives up the fruits of action is said to be nonattached.” And within this nonattachment lies pure freedom and knowledge and clarity. Mind, knowledge, physical action, conscience, determination, and joy should all find their balance in the sattva guna.

“The seer’s duty ordained by his nature, is to be tranquil in mind and spirit, self controlled…All mankind is born for perfection and each shall attain it will he but follow his Nature’s duty.”

The ending words of Krishna to Arjuna, in all his hope he will fight and follow his duty, are all words of LOVE. NO MATTER WHAT we are destined to do in our life, if we follow our duty, we will find contentment and open the gates to the Infinite Being. If we LOVE ourselves and that place within each of us that is Divine and Pure, we will also come to our own perfect path.

“To LOVE is to know me…”

So LOVE and have FAITH and FIGHT your own fight…whatever that may be.

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