Pin Stripes on Buttocks



Sing with me folks ! “Pinstripes on buttocks and Nick in Padmasan, helpers with ropes for our Ardha Chandrasan…”

Oh yes, there were plenty of goodies and fun with Lois today in our first classes in Helena. First and foremost, I am still surprised to find myself close to tears with joy and gratitude just being able to stand on a mat in a class…I have never actually lived in the same town as any of my teachers, so it is a blessing to be physically present with any of them….any time…feeds my soul and psyche.

Today was great and we did some fun new things that I have never done. I was warned by others that the teaching in Pune (where the Iyengar Institute is in India) have been geared toward our failing buttocks, so not to disappoint, Lois was having us get our buttocks to work in a different and more supportive role with a “pinstripes” idea that I found helpful.

I personally have been spending a lot of time with my inner groin strength and have done this mostly in internal rotation poses, but today we did a partner work in Ardha Chandrasana (half moon pose) that livened up those inner groins instantly and gave me lift I have never felt before. We also did a fun chair version of Parsvakonasana (side angle) that is new and interesting…will need more investigation.

The afternoon went Padmasana – way (lotus pose) … she used Nick (one of our SBG students) to demo how to get some movement out of some very stiff hips. YAY NICK !!!

We also of course covered our inversions and had some help there too…Sarvangasana getting pulled by a strap helper…and she demoed a Sirsasana facing the wall that we will have to try in our teachers’ practice some Friday afternoon…

As a matter of fact, we did more partner things today than I might have seen in a very long time…the first rope help with Ardha Chandrasana did not go smoothly, but she didn’t give up on us…the last helpers were trying to get our legs straight in Down Dog with the help of blocks at the backs of the knees and at the top of the thighs.

This is just the beginning, but as usual, I probably have enough to practice already for the whole year to come.

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