Standing is Sustenance


What a great morning class with Lois! She has been reminding us of the importance of standing poses through stories that I will not retell here, but the idea is that they are the key to our practice and the key to not lose space and strength and stamina as we age.

Tadasana is of course the key to EVERY other standing pose….and then she has a list of “26 standing poses” (some of which you would not necessarily count as standing poses like Ustrasana and Ghomukasana classic) that is recommended 1x per week holding each one for at least a minute.

BUT WAIT ! We started with the BEST UTTANASANA EVER !! I mean really…that kind of experience in a pose where you touch the very essence…Of course it took two helpers and two straps, but after they left me it just was…mind quiet…not fighting every muscle in my tight little body…angels singing and all…

Then it was on to those 26 poses (most of them anyway) – I will not list them ‘cuz you can look them all up. And then ended with some fun Vatayanasana…just for good measure of course…images-1

Between each pose she had us in a steady, happy Tadasana for recovery. She made the point that she is seeing students walk out of Tadasana too quickly as of late…looking for the next demo or just not being present…For me each Tadasana becomes more firm, more alert, and more restful in its’ compactness…each one a moment for the mind to just BE in the experience of all poses together (kinda like the image at the top).

At the end I have definitely removed some toxins and found some space, but feel absolutely put back together and TOTALLY ALIVE !!!

(even if Julia, Sunni and I did take a bit longer to get up the hill to get home ;-P)


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