Last Days with Lois

Have not had time to write about Friday and the last day with Lois…plus I just had to process a little more as we covered a lot of ground.

Morning class was just juicy, and a perfect preparation for the afternoon of backbends to come. Taking the time we have in class to get some deep and very effective twisting in is always a treat. Having a stiff and thick body means that twists can be a struggle, but within that struggle comes a lot of benefit. Under a teacher and with plenty of time, the experience of twists becomes some of the most profound and mentally quiet poses in my practice.

And then there was the afternoon!  What fun! Backbends, backbends, and more backbends. We did some more partner work to make sure that our Ustrasana bent from the bottom buttock and not the lumbar. Dwi Pada in a few different ways gave me some good insight into that pose for practice. But, the real highlights were with my student Sunni.

For me as a teacher, one of the greatest joys is to see the amazement and curiosity in practice for my students. This year was Sunni’s first classes with Lois and she just ate it up! Friday was her day of discovery being the demo for two pretty spectacular poses – Padangustha Danurasana (image on this post) and Mandalasana (the headstand variation where you walk around your own head). We were put in groups of 3 for Padangustha Danurasana and they helped to string our bow – I was even shocked I got to the point of touching, though I could not stay as Sunni did.

A lot to process and a lot to practice…too much to revisit here…

Saturday we all travel to Boulder Hot Springs for the last class and a soak in the hot springs. Due to a time mishap, Lois finished teaching early, but it was to our benefit as we got story time!!! This may have been my third or so time to hear her final story with Guruji, but I could listen to it a hundred more. Every time I hear any story of BKS Iyengar I am usually amazed and inspired and humbled. His life and the way the lives of our senior teachers coincided with his, the way my life then coincided with this practice and teachings, I continue to be in awe.

Yoga is a blessing – there will NEVER be another teacher like BKS Iyengar – and the fact that any of us have had the privilege to learn from such a teacher in life is something to be thankful for.


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