Strength of Summer Distractions

Soooooo…yoga is supposed to be “yogah citta vrtti nirodha”…stilling the fluctuations of the mind…but then there is life…and don’t we all fall into those potholes of numerous distractions every now and then??

Now, my distractions are definitely NOT TV and news and such…I am not even that distracted by Facebook, though I am a scroller every now and again…but my distractions fall more in the realm of gardening, mushroom hunting, camping, Podcasts, and yes…my upcoming assessment…but more importantly planning fun new classes and Yoga Month information for students…

All of this is just to apologize for having a delay in blogging lately.

I love writing about yoga, we will be starting Tree Of Yoga by BKS Iyengar as a Summer Book read at SBG, so my blogs may turn in that direction for a while, leaving behind the Hatha Yoga Pradipika once more (but I am determined to get back to it…found some great images to go with too!!! ;-P).

But as the days grow longer, and the garden needs tending, or my time on computer is to fill out my take-home exam for assessment, you may get a little break…you are probably out and about as well, so let me know what you are up to and maybe how yoga fits into your summer adventures??

Because even through some distractions there is always the practice….

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