Summer Camp Begins!!

GOOD MORNING Marla!!! What a beautiful start to this week’s yoga summer camp at SBG…being reminded 1) to have an open mind every time you step on the mat – especially when the first pose is Paschimottanasana (intense seated forward bend and not this stiff lady’s favorite pose most of the time) 2) that the transformation of the body and the mind really is observable over time – and sometimes not that much time 3) to stay sensitive to each transformation within each pose – there is not a destination but an experience.

As we repeated Paschimottanasana after another pose and then another, being asked to observe the changes, be sensitive to and with the breath, I was reminded of classes with Prashant Iyengar (BKS Iyengar’s son) which can sometimes consist of the same three poses repeated the whole class. She then even told a story from Prashant that highlighted BKS Iyengar’s perseverance and long, uninterrupted practice each day with his Paschimottanasana – starting from a humped position at first when stiff to the extended flat position as shown in Light on Yoga (which is truly one of my favorite photos because it is so inspiring in its simplicity).

Being stiff in mostly hamstrings, but also in ribs and back, it was really a strange and beautiful and introspective morning of forward bends…simply happy that after the third one the hamstrings weren’t screaming and by the last, relishing the integration of breath and body and mind that came together.

Was sorry to have to leave Marla early for noon class in Whitefish, but had an AMAZING noon class there with a bigger group than usual – so much FUN! I reminded them of what a blessing it is just to be in class with a teacher…we sometimes take it for granted…assume the teacher will always be present…but in my case, my teacher is not and actually has never been in the same city as me, so feel the gift of guidance every time I am able to be on the mat in a class.

AWESOME START to the week…excited for the rest…



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