Knock Knock


Day 2 of Summer Camp was a doozy, but we definitely had some fun ! Standing poses in the morning and backbends for the evening… a little teacher gathering in between….topped off with a beautiful Montana evening potluck.

One of the greatest reasons for attending any workshop with a new teacher is to gain new perspective, not just on your practice but on your self as well. Of course we do all the poses we “know”, that are familiar in some way, but Marla’s perspective is different than “my teacher” or “my way” and it challenges me into new areas and new awareness.

New ways to move flesh and bone, creating space for breath and consciousness…We packed our ribs and knocked on our sternum to get the ribs to soften and open and awaken some life from within. And, it is always amazing how just working on getting arms overhead can be so enlightening…

As I approach assessment, of course my mind races and wonders if it knows enough, will I pass?, what if what if what if. So it was nice to gather as teachers for a moment with someone who has yet to see me teach. Picking Sirsasana II, a pose a bit nebulous and just kinda “meh” for me, I was able to gain some understanding and new insight I was missing to make it a more integrated and solid pose for me and for my students.

Gathering together as a community is also always a treat! Though the days have been hot, the nights still cool down, and sitting in the evening after a long day of practice truly cannot be beat. Good food, good company, good vibes…

The generosity of our teachers can never be measured, and I am grateful for Marla’s annual presence in Montana and her generosity in sharing her knowledge and experience with us!

Looking forward to Day 3 !



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