Fun Finale and Future

The last days of Yoga Summer Camp with Marla and a bonus one for me just to hang out and show her more of the beauty of this place we call home…such a blessing.

Workshop teaching is amazing to me… Marla does a seamless job of challenging everyone in the room, making every pose accessible at your own level. We used the ropes a lot for backbends and that was great because I can admit that I don’t use the ropes a lot in my own classes…sometimes because of time and sometimes because of numbers. But, they are so helpful for support and length and awareness.

The Thursday evening class was a great recovery for all the previous work, and as usual, after the camp was finished I feel more alive and more put together as a human being in general….out of my head and into my self.

Friday was a day of Montana fun! We went out to Cyclone Lookout and Polebridge and even took a brief detour into the park. Gorgeous day! Happy that the Huckleberries were just starting. Grateful to have had the time for conversation.

Perspectives on “the future of Iyengar Yoga” are interesting to me (and for our entire Iyengar Community) as we embark on a new generation without the presence of BKS Iyengar. For me, I guess I feel lucky to have experienced his presence, but also know that he left behind more wisdom and knowledge on the subject of yoga than any of us could ever process in our own lifetimes. We still have Iyengars alive and present, so the idea of guidance through Iyengar Yoga is not a huge question for me.

However, times have changed, we do have a younger population interested in upholding the tradition of yoga while also being more adept at modern communications and community outreach, so what does that look like ?? How does that effect the lineage and tradition ? Is it possible ?? It think these questions are good to ponder and pondering together is way more fun that my own internal musings….

THANK YOU MARLA! For your time with us and for your teaching. See you next time!

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