The Art of Yoga


The Fifth and final Part to Tree of Yoga is entitled “Yoga in the World”. It is curious to me that the only two sections of this are about the Art of being a student and the Art of being a teacher of yoga. I guess what else is there?? And really, what is the difference??

Facing my next level assessment exam next weekend, I am inspired by the words of the last chapter “On Teachers and Teaching”.  Reminds me how hard it is and how the work we put in is worth every effort.  In the end the practice is of utmost importance! And just like the practice of yoga, teaching takes a great amount of humility and discriminative awareness.

“The teacher should be clear, clever, confident, challenging, caring, cautious, constructive, courageous, comprehending, creative, completely devoted and dedicated to knowing the subject, considerate, conscientious, critical, committed, cheerful, chaste and calm.” (pg 159)

As we look upon this year as what would have been Guruji, BKS Iyengar’s 100th year, it is always refreshing to read his views on teaching, passing on knowledge, the role of teacher and pupil, and the relationship we all need to develop with our practice as a science, but also an art.

Aptitude, love, imagination, and creativity (pg 155) will keep the evolution of the Iyengar method fresh while still keeping to the tenets and innovations that Iyengar Yoga is known for and the vast amount of knowledge he left for us to follow and experiment with.

He truly did spark light within so many and The Tree of Yoga is a great example of the knowledge he was able to pass along freely. I hope you have enjoyed reading it for this summer…

Happy practicing!



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