Getting There

IMG_2734 2My bag is almost packed and all my ducks (or should I say dog, cat, and husband) in a row here at home. As I prepare to get on the plane tomorrow I have the usual jitters of being gone so long and excitement of getting to India for such deep study.

Since I am not sure I will have wifi or ability to connect until I am in my apartment in Pune, I wanted to post a little about where I am going for the first few days of my trip.

Since 2005 I have been meditating in the Goenka tradition of Vipassana Meditation . This practice, along with my Iyengar Yoga practice, has given me such balance within myself and life. I continue to learn to better deal with life’s fun ups and downs and since I have also volunteered a lot within the Vipassana Community, it has given me lasting friendships and personal experiences with many diverse people.

When I was in Illinois, I was 20 minutes from a center, Dhamma Pakasa, and spent a lot of my time there doing service. Now in Montana, the closest center, Dhamma Kunja, is 9 hours away and I have sat 2 courses there so far, but missed this year. So, best thing to do is go visit the Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai.

This place, like many places in India, will I am sure prove to be an experience. I cannot even fathom a hall big enough to hold 8000 people! It will be awesome to have a few days of sitting quietly in practice before heading off to the fun of yoga in Pune.

After much contemplation of books to take (usually I do just read something i buy in the bookstore at the institute), I have settled on my Georg Feurstein translation of the Gita. I continue to await Edwin Bryant’s version, so this will be a good one to start in the meantime. The Gita has always been a light for me and speaks to both my practice within Iyengar Yoga and Vipassana.

Past that, you never know what India will give to you…so I must remain open to whatever comes and soak up all the knowledge I can to bring home to you….


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