In Air and on Ground

No pictures yet – unless you want a photo of the parking garage at the Mumbai airport…

After a long 14 hour flight from Seattle to Dubai and a short 3 hour flight to Mumbai, I arrived safely to my first stop…the Mumbai airport….woohoo!  I was surprised to find out that we flew East after all, so new plan may be to visit friends in the Midwest and then fly out from there…

This was my first time through Dubai and I wish I could say that I saw more of that city – like the man made palm tree island or something – but really not much to see from my airplane window and/or from the airport windows…ah well…

I do have some musings about burqas though. As an outsider, now only having a brief experience in an airport terminal, I was struck by how truly anonymous the full garb is, and frankly my first thought was not “how restricting!”. First of all, let me ask you, how well do you know your partner? Would you be able to pick them out of a crowd by only eyes, hands, height, and/or footwear? And maybe it is just my introverted self, but in a society where a majority of women wears the burqa, it would be fascinating to be able to blend into a public crowd so completely, with no real features of recognition, think how freeing that could be!…what you could get away with…(smirk here).

Landing in India is always surprisingly familiar. The damp warmth and smokey tinge to the air gets through even the best of airport air-conditioning. Folks are eager to help and get you where you need to go…so even at 2:30am after such a long flight I had no trouble settling in to my stop-over night.

Of course venturing into the city of Mumbai will be a whole other story. So far I have avoided this city since I am not a real fan of BIG CITIES!! But with the Vipassana Global Pagoda now here, I thought it would be worth a stop.

So bring on the traffic and the mass of humanity!!! Remember to look BOTH WAYS before crossing!!


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