Know Your Potential!


Second Day of class and first practice hall day was quieter. All settled in to apartment, but just trying to get the schedule down. Mornings with Prashant are long with class at 7am, quick chai break, and then practice hall time from 9(ish)-noon. We are working on getting a cook for the flat so that we do not have to eat out all the time. This is a pretty typical way to feed an apartment, but takes some time with communication through the landlady, etc…

Prashant will continue to elaborate on the initial themes from Day 1. Today’s class was a building of tools and recognition of our potentials through yoga. Body, Mind, and Breath all give us potentials and if used well and known fully, we can become “omnidextrous” or “multidextrous” – meaning that we have full capacity to do anything through any avenue.

But we have to stop “doing” and take time to “learn”. To look fully at our complete self, recognize the teacher that is within us, and not ignore every tool given. The physical realm is so limited. We have to become explorers of our inner microcosm to take advantage of our vast and endless potential.

Next week India celebrates the Goddess Durga – pictured here as many Gods and Goddesses, with multiple hands, multiple heads, etc…These images are powerful. Truly we are not limited by our two hands and our one head and our two feet. Don’t fixate on the question of “what can you do?” turn that around and with the understanding that you are fully capable and fully whole, remind yourself daily “there is nothing I can’t do”.

Excited for today – wondering who will be teaching the 9:30am class….could be Geeta or Abhi or any of the other beautiful teachers here at the Institute…


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