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Saturday was a good day. And I know I have not posted since Wednesday, but I am in that phase of being here that introspection and reflection are overtaking the outward distraction and initial excitement of being back in India.  I have also been quite emotional this week…just grateful to be here, soaking it in as much as I can.

We are lucky to be able to participate in the 2-week intensive classes that are going on for the smaller groups. It means 3 hour classes with Geeta and Prashant and the ability to see them teach and work with people with less experience, which of course also helps to connect and instill more understanding for myself.

Geeta did an entire class on my weakness, the outer hips. I have a lot to work on and am surprised I can walk this morning. She continues to amaze me with her energy and her ability to SEE ! She always calls students out and then proceeds to get them deeper, move them further, and teach the whole class in the process. We are continually reminded by every teacher here that WE have to be the ones to investigate, practice, and “find out” ourselves. They guide us, Guruji guided us, but in the end we have to learn, not just do.

After class we went to get Vadapav (like a veg patty slider), Bhaji (yummy thin sliced fried potatoes), and Chai at our new favorite spot, then after a brief rest went to interview Prashant. I am lucky to have yoga roots in Texas!!! This trip I have been working on an article for the 2019 Dallas Convention Magazine and also was introduced and made fast friends with Alex, who was also charged to interview Prashant for that same reason, so of course I crashed that party!

Prashant is generous and gracious with his time and knowledge. His voice and insight into the full practice of and approach to YOGA is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE for us to learn and listen to. Yes, his classes are different than anything we usually experience, but his approach comes after the learning of asana. It is the basis of the utilization of the tools through asana…the actual STUDY of self through yoga.

I will not give away the details of the interview…you will have to go to the convention for that!!! But I am so grateful for the time to just hear some answers to questions quite pertinent to how we approach yoga in the West and how to better clarify the whole practice for our students.

We ran after the interview over to Gulnaaz’s class….always a joy. She takes time to answer our questions and clarify things that might not be clear. She is also a voice of Iyengar Yoga that should not be missed!

Dinner with Alex and home to bed….my roomie, Charlotte and I have been chanting the chant to the Goddess each evening for Navratri (9 days). Seems to be helping her sleep and since it summons the inner feminine powers of the Goddess, then why not ???

Celebrations continue in the streets as well, so if you want some just general entertainment of some of the music (bhajans) we are probably hearing most evening for this holiday…click here

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