Just in Time

Every trip to India, there is a moment I hit a little overload. My brain is full and my body needs a little change of schedule. Just in time for this overload, a holiday happens on Thursday, so Jen and I will be off to Bangalore and Bellur for the weekend.

Bellur will be a bit of a city break and it is the birthplace of BKS Iyengar. For those of you coming to the December event celebrating Iyengar’s 100th birthday, any extra proceeds will go to the foundation set out to basically support and rebuild this small community.  A little more fresh air and a little more greenery will do me good.

The three hour classes that we have been put in, joining the 10 day special intensive, have been great, but also are FULL OF INFO !!! Because of the timing on Prashant class days we also miss our personal practice time at the institute which is where I could usually refuel my energy levels and empty my brain a bit more.

That said, even on overload, I do enjoy my time here and continue to soak up what I can – as Prashant sometimes ends class “that’s enough for today and whatever you caught is good… whatever you didn’t, better luck next time!” (HA!) He did remind us the other day that we do catch what we are supposed to catch at that moment…he acknowledges that we will not be able to remember everything (thank goodness).

Yesterday and today Prashant continues to keep trying to give us the “experience” of yoga and reminding us not to keep “doing” yoga. Yoga is an education and we must learn. His aim is to give us every tool possible to explore our embodiment…through breath, mind, and body…in all shapes and forms…in all areas and spaces…We are coming to the end of the 10-day intensive, so he has done his best to give the new folks a well rounded experience of his approach. Today we worked on activity and response, agent and agency, being commentator in our practice and giving purpose to every approach. He ended with some sound forms, which after being quite sleepy, woke me up immediately.

There is mantra and japa and other sound forms all throughout the practice of yoga. He uses sound to illicit different responses and effects…just siting in simple cross legs and repeating three different sounds – uuuuuu, ooooo, and mmmmm – we were able to feel different restrictions and vibrations in abdomen, chest, and head respectively. Pretty cool!

Outside of class, yesterday we went to consult a Vedic Astrologer. The Jyotish reading is much more in depth than the Western Astrology approach and is used much more widely throughout India. Kinda a fun experience …though I can’t say I got all the answers I was looking for ;-P.  Yummy lunch with Geeta today!  She took us to a pretty amazing country club – old British style that is still a horse race track (no race today though).

Last intensive class with Geeta tomorrow, then off to Bangalore on Thursday…

Day 7 of Navratri!!! Jai Ma Durga!!!

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