Good Morning Geeta!

The walk to class this morning was amazing – these piles and piles of marigolds for tomorrows culmination of Navratri, Dassera, are all along the streets. I am throwing in the picture of a Dosa (thin savory pancake filled with potato or other goodness) just for good measure, but it was a snack a few days ago…

Class with Geeta was just the remedy I needed for my lethargy and overload. We started with chanting the invocation over and over in every possible seated leg position. She wanted us to pronounce well and loud and feel the effects up the spine to sit tall and with eyes open. Perfect continuation from Prashant’s sounds work yesterday…using japa for effect on posture and energy levels.

From there we continued with our seated rolling (or shuffling as Geeta puts it) and threw in some active standing poses, ending with Sirsasana and Sarvangasana. Along the way she of course reminds us to be with our own self and in our own practice…use props when we KNOW we need them, but cheating yourself by using a prop when you DON’T need it is stealing from yourself.

She talked about the parinamas (or transformations of the consciousness). Referring to the fact that we do first learn point by point by point, but sooner or later all those points come together as one. And we have to keep striving for that ! Boredom may come, pain may come, all sorts of obstacles may come, but we have to continue to pay attention, strive forth diligently and with awareness of our own Self  and practice.

Amongst some of the serious reminders from the sutras, she also just has a way to crack me up. She described the placing of the feet in Siddhasana like keeping money in your pocket and only using a certain amount. She wanted us not to just shuffle for shuffling sake, as she herself went shuffling in her chair. And as we are prone to just use a prop for no reason because it makes things “effortless”, she warns us not to use “false compassion”…saying things like “its ok”, “just rest”, “do what you can do” are harmful to the learning, practicing, and ultimate healing process.

Not only does Geeta continue to have energy to teach us, but I myself continue to feed on the energy she gives. She is a prime example that the body changes and won’t last forever, but the practice of yoga will keep your energy and consciousness young and strong and vibrant! It is possible her spirit could run circles around us.

She gave us one of her amazingly long and deep Savasanas too…so I am revived and restored…ready for my trip tomorrow…very excited to see the one and only Patanjali Temple in Bellur.

Bow to your Goddess…Happy Dassera!

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