Jen and I spent the weekend in Bangalore … she has a couple friends there that we visited and we took a side trip to Bellur, BKS Iyengar’s home village (see next blog).

Bangalore is a green city of large trees and wide streets…and though lovely, also managed to give me an allergy attack. We visited some fun Indian offerings of market and temple, ate some delicious home made and restaurant food, and just had a great time with our hosts, including Queeney the very vocal cat.

The holiday was coming to an end, so the temple was hopping and the market was a bustle with piles and piles of flowers and already made malas wound in their perfect spirals of beauty! The cars were decked out with the malas and banana leaves for the Puja to protect all mechanical things.

The temple we visited was for Nandi, the bull that is the companion and guardian to Shiva, and also the reason cows are sacred in India. Rumor has it you can tell Nandi all your wishes if you whisper in his ear, so Jen and I gave a few rupees and whispered our wishes…ya never know…

The market is always full of sights, sounds, and smells…they mingle together for the quintessential Indian experience. Truly there is nothing else like it in our Western world.

We ended the trip on Sunday with a weirdly intense 2.5 hour practice at HS Arun’s studio and a traditional South Indian meal, Sadya, before heading off to the airport.

Sunday night brought a fun invite to a “traditional dance party” at one of the Institute teacher’s home (also see other blog).

It is Monday and we are back at the institute and back in Prashant’s class…I have to say that sitting down on a mat in that practice hall is like always coming home. My heart settles and mind clears every time I sit to do the invocation. I look forward to the last two weeks here….it will go fast.

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