Longest Shortest Time

Well, the month in Pune is at its close. I have settled in to the Mumbai airport hotel for a few hours and will be off very early in the morning. As folks trickled out, others trickled in for November. Got to see two good friends arrive before I left.

Said goodbye to my sister in so many ways, Jen Kagan. We have never lived in the same place, but yoga and India have brought us together and given us much to explore and talk about. Though we “see” each other most weeks for a video practice, it was very healing to be with her in person.

Driving off with Misa (Japan), Nick (Australia), and Albena (Bulgaria) it is a bitter sweet sensation. Pune feels like home in some ways and still so foreign. There is definitely a bit of my heart that stays in that institute and it is so great to soak up the life and lives of practice and yoga that carry on there to this day. It still gives me such wonder to see and hear the Iyengar family in their house right outside – the uncles, aunts, nieces, and nephews, generations full that carry on with their lives as foreigners have traipsed through their garden year after year, decade after decade.

The assortment of photos here are just some random selections that give me a chuckle and a smile. The bakeries abound for some reason now and these chocolate cakes from Richies were not too bad…a great send off for our roommate Charlotte. The “chef’s special Gobi (cauliflower)” has been a favorite since my first trip, though the restaurant has changed…”Team Pune 2008″ had many laughs and evenings of hysterics over this dish.  For some reason I did not walk the park as much as I usually would, so I totally missed the adult jungle gym (not joking). I would have absolutely taken part in the outdoor rowing machine, slider, etc…if I knew it was there earlier. And lastly, I did not try the flavour of mousse at Shravan, I think I would like the actual mousse instead… I guess I should be glad it is not “flavour of moose”.

Last classes with Geeta and Prashant were great send offs. Prashant reminds us that though there is much to do in many layers in our practice, all we need to do is “schematize” – have a system that you can follow to deeply study the subject of your embodiment moment by moment. Both spoke of the mind a lot this week and how to watch it and manage it as best we can. Of course it is a practice, but ultimately yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of all our consciousness, which lies at every layer of our being.

From the physical to the spiritual and back again, there is so much to learn on this subject of yoga, and as Prashant said this morning, “we must be our own entertainment”. There is no reason to be looking outside of ourself for such distractions when right within us there is so much to discover.

Like yoga that is so complex and so simple at the same time, my time here always feels like a lifetime and a moment in time all at the same time. My body and mind soak up so much…more than I am sure I can even express or acknowledge right now.

See you back on the other side of the world…where the crisp, clear, cold air awaits!!!



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