Change – The Only Constant

I am typically one that hates to use obvious popular adages, but I guess this one really can’t be ignored in my life right now. Two things have brought me the greatest changes and transformations – Iyengar Yoga and Vipassana Meditation in the tradition of SN Goenka.  Both practices clear the mind of distraction and allow for clearer truths to present themselves.

Now, this is not always a pleasant experience. Contrary to popular belief, the “enlightenment” process is not all rainbows and butterflies. It takes hard work, constant self reflection, and a willingness to go against what your “rational mind” might think is a better option sometimes. However, no matter how hard the decision or the oddity of the outcome, I have always found that yoga and Vipassana steer me to a more settled internal space, no matter what outer chaos initially is needed to proceed.

Most of you now know that I am no longer teaching at SBG and it has been a VERY LONG TIME since I have been unemployed…period…seriously, cannot remember when. I am more so “the planner”, making sure something is on the horizon if I know I have change coming. That was not the case this time, but I think that in the end I am served by my time in India, allowing me to continue in my “student mind” while figuring out what my teaching situation will be in the future.

It was not an easy decision. My students are always at the forefront of my intentions – how to serve them better and more fully and thoroughly through the practice of yoga. So, I will miss being in front of the class and sharing what I learned during my time at the Iyengar Institute. But, the good news is the December Celebration is still on and I look forward to sharing with you then … so make sure to get your spot … there are still rooms and of course spaces for each yoga class individually. Plus, as the title of this blog suggests, this hiatus will also change at some point, even though that path is not yet clear.

In the meantime, I know we all will carry on with our practice of yoga. And in the end, the Iyengar’s have always urged us to find our own voice in our own practice. Whether in class or at home, your mat time is your time to investigate, listen, and discover what truly lies within you.

The Wheel of Dhamma will always be turning with change as its hub…but as always, I wish you the best and the most from your practice!






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