Retreat and Renew

The other day a student described the joy and serenity she experienced with going to a recent weekend yoga retreat and workshop. I know this feeing well, just coming off of a month in India where the focus is all yoga, but we all can’t take that amount of time off now can we?

But a weekend, especially one just at the start of winter, when maybe the snow is not yet quite right for downhill, but maybe “ok” for a snowy hike or snowshoe ?? – OR just hunkering in, taking a chance to focus more on your practice of yoga for YOU,  to renew your dedication and reflect on the year that has past, and commit to intentions coming up for the New Year.

We gain so much when we take some time out of “real life” and give ourselves the gift of, well, our SELF !

This whole year, the Iyengar Community around the world has been celebrating the 100th Birthday of BKS Iyengar, our teacher and founder of the method of Iyengar Yoga. His birthday is/was Dec 14 and we don’t just celebrate his life of dedicated practice, but the further contributions of his daughter, his son, his granddaughter, and the countless teachers and practitioners that carry a little spark of his teaching wherever they go. The Iyengar approach and practice is vast and all encompassing of every “limb” of the practice of yoga. And, you would be hard pressed to find many or any modern practices of yoga that have not been touched by this contribution, whether you even know this name or not. If you have used a prop, hung from a rope or sling, talked at all about good body alignment in posture, you have ben touched by BKS Iyengar.

Also, fresh off my travels and study in India, it is important to the Iyengar method to spend time, take time, and commit time to studentship and practice. To take yourself out of the rigamarole of life, even for a moment each day, to reflect on what and why and how you might be doing anything! That is truly where we can celebrate the impact of YOGA on our life.

So, on the weekend of Dec 14th, I am happy to be able to host some of this valuable time for yoga and celebration of self. We will gather together at Dancing Spirit Ranch (photos included in the blog here), an amazingly beautiful retreat center perfectly nestled right close by in Columbia Falls, and commit ourselves to a weekend of fun and festivities. To do yoga, celebrate yoga, and celebrate BKS Iyengar on this centenary birthday year!


Give yourself this gift for the holiday season! Renew, relax, retreat into winter, and start your year off with a bit more calm and balance…that is something we all can use!!!





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