Giving THANKS !


Approaching the holiday season can be a different experience for each of us. Some relish in the time we look forward to spending with family (or not) and some dread the exact same thing for various and sundry reasons. We might be excited for the New Year to be that time of “new beginnings” and “fresh starts” or we might mourn the passing of another year gone by.

So, for sure the next couple of months can be filled with a lot of emotion, but I personally would like to remind us all that the very first “holiday” given to kick off this season is the one that makes us pause for a moment to give “THANKS”.

If you are able to sit down for a moment and read this, then you definitely have things to be thankful for. No matter what life might look like or have brought to you this year or right now, or what you might envision as a very unsure future…there is a choice in every moment to be thankful for what he HAVE and quit dwelling on what we DON’T HAVE.

Prashant Iyengar spent a lot of time during my trip to India reminding us that at any and every moment we have EXACTLY what we need. It is (mostly) our mind that brings in the doubt, the fear, and the thoughts that give us feeling of “lack”, “not good enough”, “need for more”.  To be able to just “be” for a moment, with our full self, completely, we will usually find that yes, right at THIS MOMENT, I am complete.

Without the thought of the past or the worry of the future, in the present we are complete. The hard part of course is to BE in that state without distraction. That is yoga.

Buuuuuuut, most of us have yet to be enlightened despite our diligent practice. So, in the meantime, can we take these opportunities, these “holy-days”, we are given to remember some moments of “THANKS”. Can the holidays become times of reflection and contemplation instead of times of exacerbation of external distraction, not to mention increasing our feeling of need for consumption?

I will not bore you with all my list of “THANKS” in this blog, but know that despite so much change and uncertainty for me at the moment, I look within and know I am complete.

Stop waiting for that thing you have been hoping for and stop dreading the dinner with the person you are not completely fond of – in the end those are just extras.

Take a seat, take a breath, take a moment, and just give “THANKS” FOR YOU !!




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