The Space Between

It has now been a month since I got back from India and it has been an interesting time. I am a yoga teacher without classes, and as always the trip to India gives me a lot to process. But, in this home environment of distraction and disturbance, of not working, how do I find this space between one thing and another a time for growth and not stagnation, a time for introspection instead of implosion?

I have to say, I have been given great tools through yoga and meditation that help quite a bit for sure. I can honestly say that I am a more joyous human being than I ever was without yoga and meditation. However, I am not a saint and I am not yet enlightened, so there are of course times I still fail in seeing the joy or seeing the clear possibilities in front of me when I am stuck in a space between…

From the inside out, I absolutely know and feel the light in the cracks. My practice of yoga has enabled me to see such unending potential within life and through life, with all its twists and turns, doors and windows that open and shut and reopen again. However, from the outside looking in, sometimes the mundane reality hits again, the heavy curtains get pulled over the window and I can no longer see the clarity within.

Maybe it is the coming winter, or life circumstances, or whatever the happenings, but today was that struggle in the space between. My extra boosters for seasonal energy and mood in Vitamin D and B just didn’t cut it. I could not quite muster my usual enthusiasm for work in my practice. Maybe I am just tired, but in the end I always have the choice in the moment to change my perspective back from the inside out, throw open theĀ curtains, stop standing out in the cold trying to peer back in.

And really, the moment by moment experience is the ultimate “space between” that we master when we become enlightened. Undisturbed by dualities either of joy or sorrow, pain or pleasure, etc…But, until that time, I will be happy to just acknowledge that this space exists. That maybe I am not great in that space sometimes where I wish things were more clear. For now be content in the duality no matter how it presents.

Many of you I know are in this space with me…giving thanks for your presence on this journey with me….


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