Change – The Only Constant


Well, here we are in our last week of Montana living…a lot to do and I am sure a lot of reflection remains to be done once logistics of the move are over.

But in the meantime, of course I have contemplated and practiced all aspects of yoga that relate to change, to detachment, to relationships, and beyond…

It is clear to me why the Iyengar’s picked the infinity symbol for the centenary celebrations, as a symbol for the eternal movement of the universe and life…the passing on of teachings…the connections we make with people that are silent but everlasting.

As teachers move on, there of course is a physical loss. But, as a teacher who has moved on a couple of times, I am confident that what I leave behind makes an everlasting impression somewhere and somehow on students’ practice and understanding of yoga.

To attach to any person as teacher is a distraction from your own personal practice and improvement. The teacher is a guide to study, but is not the the actual implement for change…that is up to YOU! So, as students find new classes, new teachers, new ways to learn about themselves, it is important to keep in mind that these changes are all positives on some level. They open up new opportunities and new voices for progress on our paths of yoga.

Personally, I have learned a lot from my time and teaching in Montana and it will stay with me forever. Thank you all for being a part of it and I know that these days it is easy to stay in touch and informed, so stay tuned for more exciting changes as I settle back to the Midwest.

I also continue to stay impressed and hopeful about Iyengar Yoga and its strength and growth and power within the amazing and large community of yoga in the Flathead Valley. Keep your eyes peeled for all that the dedicated teachers of Iyengar Yoga have to share with you within this area. It is growing and bringing more opportunities for more people as it spreads.

My blessings will continue to be with you on your chosen paths of yoga. Be open to change within yourself and without. It truly is the ONLY constant, so it is better to use our tools of yoga to move forward than to be stuck in the wishing for that which will never be permanent.


In its truest and deepest meaning…..



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