IYNAUS Convention 2019

Every 3 years, the United States Iyengar Yoga community organizes itself around a convention for practice and celebration of our lineage. First BKS Iyengar came, then Geeta Iyengar, and now we are blessed to have Abhijata, the granddaugther of BKS Iyengar teaching us for the week! 

Check out some details on our adventure here:


Many of you know, Chris and I both just returned from seperate trips to Pune and study at the Iyengar Institute. These conventions are a time that can bring us closer to study in India without all the travel. And, the conventions are now open to all practitioners and not just teachers…so, plan ahead for 2022 !!!

I am posting here at my old blog as Pam and I figure out kinks of the blog for The Yoga Place of La Crosse…happy that this will be my first direct blogging with that student body as well! While many of your teachers are away, make sure to still get to classes! And stay tuned for regular updates of all our activities at the convention in Dallas, TX.

This time is a great boost not just for the learning of your teachers, but of course everything we soak up in that time, we bring back to you! This adds to the already outstanding knowledge and experience provided to you by the teachers at The Yoga Place and beyond!

See you soon in class! Cant wait to meet all of you…and greetings from Texas to all you Montana folks too!



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