Who Are We?


Jennie Williford began her journey with yoga in Fort Worth, TX in 1998. Though the physical practice was not an instant sell, the philosophy behind yoga kept her at the practice that has now become the guiding light in her life.

She began teaching yoga in 2003 and went through her first assessment in the Iyengar method in 2004. The life and profession of a teacher would have never been possible without the practice of yoga first. She now sees herself as amazingly blessed to have been through the process of Iyengar Yoga and the discipline and commitment it requires.

From Texas to Illinois to Montana in 2015, Jennie has shared her love of yoga with numerous communities and students. She was amazed by the strong Iyengar Community and interest in yoga in general in the Flathead Valley and is proud of the mark she made on students and teachers alike.  Jobs did not quite work out, so Jennie and her husband moved back to the Midwest in 2019.

Jennie began this page as a blog and will continue to be in it through the spirit and energy of her students and other CIYTs. She hopes to not be a stranger in the Montana Iyengar Community.


Ditch the Dog

Sailing, teaching, and eating well

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Welcome to Julia Shaida Yoga

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Eating well year-round

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